R16NC Aquatec Power Inflator with Underwater Alert

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Aquatec Power Inflator with Underwater Alert


The Aquatec Power Inflator with Underwater Alert is a BCD power inflator that has a built in air-powered horn.

This horn works both underwater and on the surface.

 The Inflator-Alert is the perfect power inflator for divers that want to have the benefit of an underwater horn without the added "bulk" of a separate Scub-Alert.

Comfortable mouthpiece for easy oral inflation Great ergonomic design allows access to all three functions: inflate, deflate, and horn with one hand grip! 

The inflator is equipped with a steel pin to accommodate your inflator hose cable activated pull dump mechanism.

Fits a standard LP inflator hose and 2.5 cm corrugated BCD hose.

The Aquatec Power Inflator with Alert is made from durable plastic and chrome plated marine grade brass for years of reliable service.

The device has an approximate volume of 115 to 125 dB and the loud resonating frequency generated by this horn can be heard on the surface approximately 1 to 1.6 km away and approximately 100 meters underwater


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